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Improve Care with Customized Wellness Plans

Medical professionals embark into medicine to help increase the wellness of their patients. Wellness plans can do just that–help provide prevention and increase pet wellness. They also can help increase the ‘wellness’ of practices by improving compliance, client loyalty and visits. However, each client wants to feel that they and their pet are special. That requires customization.

Cut the Headaches by Successfully Implementing Wellness Plans

Wellness plans are intended to create even healthier pets and veterinary practices. However, if wellness plans are not implemented and executed thoughtfully, client satisfaction and practice health can suffer. Practical and proven action steps will help ensure successful wellness plan implementation.

5 Ways to Use Your Practice Phone & Increase Client Visits

Nearly every new prospective client comes to your practice initially through the phone. Because pet parents are growing increasingly emotionally attached to their furry family members, new prospective clients feel a need to reach out and ‘meet’ their prospective pet care provider via the phone. That means that how well your phone people are trained to convert inquiries (and yes even price shoppers) into new client appointments is a key to your practice’s success. The following strategies will help you increase your practice’s new client visits.

5 More Ways to Use Your Practice Phone to Increase Client Visits

High quality medicine and great care are wonderful. But because people are so busy, it’s very easy for even the most committed pet parents to forget to bring their pet into your practice. They will likely bring their pet in only when they view necessary (illness or injury). But because they are not medically trained, they can’t identify the preventative points to bring in their pet and therefore, visits are down.

Your phone can be a valuable tool to help increase existing client visits. Here are five proven ways to increase visits with your practice’s phone.

Stay in Front of Clients – Even When They’re not in Front of You

Today’s pet parents are inundated with pet care options. The bond they feel with their veterinary practice is a key to increased client loyalty and longevity. Proven and time-efficient strategies can make your practice and the services you provide highly desirable.