3 Post-Pandemic Revenue Mistakes- By Laura Laaman

As the country starts moving into the next phase, it’s time to not just survive, but also position ourselves to thrive. After all, most business owners didn’t get into business just to squeak by—they want to be successful. These are certainly complicated, confusing and challenging times; however, if you’re committed to overcoming this pandemic, it’s time to ensure you’re making the best decisions possible and avoid or undo any poor knee-jerk decisions. Click here to read the full article. 

It’s Time to Start Rebuilding- By Laura Laaman

For pet care businesses, summer means more than warm weather. We hope that individuals will be back to work and families will make travel plans. We can’t wait for life to get back to what we considered normal. That means it’s time for you to start rebuilding after the losses suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few proven and powerful strategies to rebuild your business. 

From Browsing to Booking: Converting Website Traffic Into Paying Customers- By Laura Laaman

Your website is the link between your company and oodles of pet parent prospects. And, it’s often your first chance to make an impression. When properly calibrated, your website is a powerful generator of new leads, but likely not the most lucrative bookings. Click here to learn more. 

2 Important Pieces of Great Management- By Laura Laaman

Being a pet care facility manager can be a very rewarding job, but it often comes with significant responsibilities. Managers are often responsible for ensuring excellent pet care—but that’s only one part of what makes a good pet care facility leader. Successful management depends on skills most managers unfortunately aren’t trained for. Everyone has different challenges, but there are some techniques top managers find universally valuable—click hear to read about two of them.

Online Reservations: Convenience at What Cost? -By Laura Laaman

The internet age means fast-developing technologies are keeping business owners on their toes with increasing pressure to adapt. Many of today’s pet parents embrace technology, paying close attention to your company’s website, social media presence and electronic accessibility. You’ve probably been asked by your clients—what about letting us make reservations online? It may seem like an easy win, streamlining your reservation process and saving your company time. But what lurks behind this flashy technology is a serious potential trap. Click here to read more!

When Something Goes Wrong- By Laura Laaman


While most pet care providers invest significant effort in excellent services for the pets in their care, many don’t put the same emphasis on the pet parent’s experience. This common shortcoming has led to a gaping void on proper staff training—especially when it comes to managers. When something inevitably goes wrong, communication skills are a key to improvement. Part of providing exceptional pet care means knowing exactly how to respond to the first signs that something’s wrong. Click here for the full article!

4 Reasons Great Management Matters- By Laura Laaman


No matter who or where you are, you have 86,400 seconds every day. How you handle these precious seconds makes the difference between struggling and thriving. When the owner’s running all aspects of the business, it’s easy to get behind or buried, leading to mistakes and missed opportunities. Having a manager (or several managers) lifts some or a lot of this burden, giving hours of your day back to you—and those hours add up fast. Click here to see why great management matters to your business!

Outstanding Pet Care

On Monday, May 6th, Teija Heikkila of National Kennel Sales & Appraisals hosted a catamaran cruise for Outstanding Pet Care clients out of beautiful Sugar Beach, Saint Lucia. After another information-packed day, attendees relaxed and watched the sun set with the dramatic backdrop of the Piton Mountains. An unforgettable OPC Meeting!

Do You Know How Many Clients You Lost This Year?- By Laura Laaman

Assuming you’re providing excellent pet care and customer service, you’ll ideally retain 70% of your clients. That is a huge hole to fill each year—and that’s only to maintain. If you want to grow, you need to gain even more clients. To make up the difference, you’ll need to attract enough new clients to cover these lost pet nights. Follow this link to find out how.

How to Tell if Your Marketing is Working- By Laura Laaman

The ever–changing, competitive landscape means a winning (but dated) marketing strategy from even a few years ago is unlikely to help you stand out today. Most business owners hope or assume they’re doing well in marketing—but do you know for sure? Here are some tips on how to make sure your marketing is as strong as possible.

Outstanding Pet Care

For this webinar, Outstanding Pet Care pairs with National Kennel Sales & Appraisals– the exclusive business & real estate broker for the pet care industry. Learn proven revenue-boosting strategies for maximizing your wealth today and when it comes time to sell.