About Laura Laaman

Since 1989, Laura Laaman has been WOWing salespeople, managers and customer service representatives with powerful and entertaining presentations.

Laura Laaman is an award-winning speaker, author, sales trainer and marketing consultant who specializes in the pet services industry. With over two decades of training and marketing experience, Laura has helped hundreds of pet lodging facilities across the United States increase profits and significantly improve their business.

Laura grew up loving animals and dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but her exceptional communication skills-particularly her ability to sell–sent her down a different path. Laura started selling as a teenager and quickly recognized her ability to make people like and trust her. Over the next few years, she soared and ranked as one of the top salespeople in various industries. Her knowledge and determination allowed her to break numerous sales records-many of which remain unsurpassed today.

Companies began studying Laura’s sales successes and modeling their sales programs around her effective techniques. Once Laura recognized that her methods were replicable, she moved into the training arena and discovered her powerful gift for passing her knowledge and techniques on to others. She thrived on contributing to the successes of a variety of companies-from large corporations to small and family-owned businesses. To date, Laura has helped companies generate millions of dollars in increased revenues—all while improving the pet’s and pet owner’s experience.

Since establishing Laura Laaman & Associates in 1989, Laura has consulted countless Fortune 500 companies such as Allstate Insurance, Xerox, Kodak and Invisible Fence, as well as smaller businesses in a variety of industries. She has spoken at Harvard Business School and shared the stage with speaking legends such as Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins and Mark Victor Hansen.

Laura truly found her calling when she was able to combine her passion for pets with her professional expertise. She created her Outstanding Pet Care Consulting Program which was tailored specifically to the pet services industry. As a knowledgeable, passionate pet owner, Laura understands the pet consumer as well as the market and delivers powerful programs that get results. She is so confident in her programs, she even guarantees her results. Laura is further gratified that her techniques contribute to happy, healthy pets and peace of mind for owners.

As a leading authority on salesmanship, leadership customer service and marketing, Laura became a published author in 1996 with The Dolphin Dynamic; in 2002 she co-authored The Certifiable Salesperson with Tom Hopkins. Millions have read her sales, marketing and customer service skills columns that have been syndicated in business journals throughout the United States.