Proven services for pet lodging and veterinary businesses.

A quality pet care facility is almost always the safest and best choice for pets while their owner is away. Investments in strong safety protocols, purpose-built facilities and updated staff training allow this industry to offer superior reliability and peace-of-mind to discerning pet parents.

Unfortunately, competition is already massive and growing faster than ever. Family, friends, pet sitters,, are all confusing and appealing to pet parents. More alarmingly, their alleged advantages over pet boarding facilities often also conceal dangerous risks and vulnerabilities.

Outstanding Pet Care has a proven record of helping pet care businesses like yours overcome these challenges and thrive in this heightened competitive landscape.


Customer Call Training, Coaching and Monitoring

Dog ownership is down in the US. And worse, pet boarding and daycare competition and costs are skyrocketing. The need to capture and maximize each customer phone call has never been more critical to the survival of pet care facilities. Outstanding Pet Care’s proven 10-Star Certification System ensures you maximize these vital opportunities.

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Marketing Assistance

This industry grows more competitive and confusing each day. Larger companies have huge budgets and marketing capabilities that are tough to compete with. Outstanding Pet Care has helped our pet lodging clients thrive during some of the most challenging economies and competitive environments. Our proven marketing strategies help efficiently ensure prospective pet parents realize the great care you provide. And simultaneously recapture wasted resources on other seductive but ineffective efforts.

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Pet Care Services Pricing Assistance

Surprisingly most pet care facilities have NOT priced their services profitably. This is part of the reason most owners are not achieving the results they deserve—and in some cases, not being paid at all. Outstanding Pet Care’s thorough competitive and market analyses help determine and maintain your most efficient and profitable pricing for your individual market.

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Pet Care Facility Owner/Manager Meetings

Our clients are some of the most successful pet care businesses in the U.S. We regularly host high-powered educational and motivational meetings in great locations across the country. Our clients tell us the ability to network with other highly successful pet care businesses across the US is invaluable.

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Premium Listing in National Online Directory for Pet Parents

Outstanding Pet Care has created a directory to feature pet care facilities who employ highly trained staff. Because our clients participate in the highest level of education and training, they are showcased in our online directory for pet parents.

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Management Admin Suite

Need to see how your business is doing at a glance? OPC provides its clients with the most sophisticated tracking systems available, allowing you and your coaching team to immediately see how your key phone personnel are performing.

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Outstanding Pet Care University

Outstanding Pet Care University (OPCU) is a comprehensive curriculum for pet care facility training. Our classes and courses are dedicated to helping pet care facility owners, managers and staff deliver the highest quality pet care. This training helps your staff recognize and prevent often-avoidable problems while improving your pets’ well-being and saving you time and money.

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