Pricing Assistance

Pricing is a critical, but complicated aspect of your business. It is also one of the most powerful ways to impact your ability to recover your costs, invest in your business, and achieve the standard of living you deserve. As you probably have figured out, the way you communicate your pricing is also often even more important than the numbers themselves. Outstanding Pet Care’s thorough competitive and market analyses help determine and maintain your most efficient and profitable pricing for your individual market/situation.

Pet care facilities that provide premium care should be able to charge premium rates. As your operating costs increase (utilities, taxes, labor…) your prices should be adjusted accordingly.

Many owners come to us providing excellent care, but aren’t charging enough. Therefore, they aren’t making enough money for themselves or sometimes any at all. In addition, this lack of revenue will lead to not being able to pay good wages for their staff and caring for their building or business appropriately.

Less frequently, but equally detrimentally, other facilities are priced too high for their market. In these cases, their advertised rates are often too complicated and/or automatically include too many additional services. This strategy is very understandable, but unfortunately discourages perspective pet parents from even making initial contact. Even though their actual total price might be less than their competitors, they are losing market share to more attractively-priced competitors.

The first step to curing these issues is to charge appropriately. Once a company has a trained and certified Reservation Specialist, your customers will understand your company’s superiorities and likely chose your facility over the competition.

Outstanding Pet Care provides our clients the best tools, training and coaching to help you with your first price adjustment and every one thereafter. We research and analyze your individual situation by:

  • Competitive Analysis–to understand your individual market and competitors
  • Proper Selection of the Most Popular Activities–based on proven history and industry benchmarks of the most successful facilities in the country
  • Creation of Profitable Activities Packages
  • Profitable Pricing of Lodging, Activities, Daycare, Bathing and Training
  • Staff Exercises to Help Them Embrace and Appreciate Your Price Increases Many business owners realize they need to adjust their prices to remain profitable and able to deliver the level of service their clients demand. Unfortunately, staff and client resistance can be intimidating and daunting. Learn how to turn their reluctance into acceptance and appreciation!
  • Strategies and Announcements to Help Explain the Price Adjustments to Your Clients
  • Waitlist Management Periods of high vacation travel represent your greatest opportunities. It is much easier and more effective to maximize your revenue while the natural demand for your services is high, than to try to create demand while people aren’t traveling. This is the best opportunity to recover your costs and hedge against future periods of lower occupancy. Learn how to maximize your revenue during your busiest times.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Services can be purchased separately however our Phone Training and Coaching System is required for all clients.
  • Our Owner/Management Summits are only available to clients whom invest in our complete package.
  • Unprecedented, written guarantee is extended to those clients who invest in our complete package and implement our program.