Management Admin Suite

Outstanding Pet Care’s Admin Suite is one of the most advanced, yet simple-to-use systems providing business owners with critical information. Our admin suite works with almost any industry software program, but will provide you with information not available anywhere else.

Each key metric/component of your company’s revenue is considered and helps to identify trends, opportunities and threats including:

  • Pet Night Trends
  • Activity percentages compared to Lodging (minimum of 60%)
  • Bathing/Grooming percentage compared to Lodging
  • Labor percentage by Department
  • Individual Employee (RS) performance by day, week, month
  • Comparative Data-company or individual comparisons against industry and similar market performance.

Advanced Security-Most advanced 128-bit SSL encryption for your protection and peace-of-mind. Same level of protection trusted by banks, governments, and militaries around the world.

Levels of Access-Each owner, manager and staff member will have their own login with an individual permission level assigned.

  • Owners-will have maximum, top-level and complete access to any part of our admin suite including revenue, sales and labor numbers.
  • Managers-will have an advanced level of access to view webinars and see how individual employees are performing.
  • Staff-will have limited access, but will still able to input their individual, daily performance.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Services can be purchased separately however our Phone Training and Coaching System is required for all clients.
  • Our Owner/Management Summits are only available to clients whom invest in our complete package.
  • Unprecedented, written guarantee is extended to those clients who invest in our complete package and implement our program.