Marketing Assistance

It is no secret that this industry has changed drastically over the last few decades. In the past all you had to do was build an appropriate facility and customers would find you and book. “If you build it, they will come” worked. Unfortunately we don’t live in that world anymore. Potential clients are inundated by messages from your competition. To survive, let alone thrive, it is crucial for your business to find a way to positively attract pet parents away from other less expensive but riskier options. After implementing our proven strategies you’ll be able to dominate almost any market!

Our expert assistance includes a comprehensive website review. Times have certainly changed. Most prospective and profitable clients search for their pets’ home-away-from-home online. As a result your business’ online presence can make or break you since it is usually the potential customer’s first impression! If it doesn’t show them exactly the right message, in the right way, it will also be their last. You can have the best facility, systems, and customer service, but without a compelling, dominant online presence, most people will never get a chance to know. Our proven expertise will help you develop and implement the most effective website for your particular business/market—including individualized guidance on text, images and layout.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis and Recommendations Ensure prospective customers are finding you over your competition. Countless studies indicate that the vast majority of perspective clients will only trust and visit the first few results of their search. If you aren’t consistently on top of appropriate search results in every relevant market, you need to be! New customers will have a very tough time finding you otherwise, and will probably choose your competition instead. If you are already maximizing your visibility, you probably know that search algorithms change very frequently. Our experts look forward to helping you increase your pet nights and occupancy by profitably improving and maintaining your online visibility with the latest, state-of-the-art strategies. Our comprehensive expertise is much more impactful than a website or SEO company alone!
  • Strategies to Cultivate and Maintain a Positive Online Reputation Many new perspective customers trust the reports of others who have used your services before. They usually, at least in part, base their decision on these findings. Unfortunately without consistent cultivation, even the best companies are shocked at how negatively they are represented online by others. Most business owners realize that unhappy customers are FAR more likely to post about their perceived negative experience than are your happy, loyal clients. Sadly, most new perspective customers rarely fully consider this. We will help you improve and maintain your online reputation by reducing/eliminating negative reviews, while simultaneously generating positive reviews on today’s most important review sites!
  • Market Analysis Learn what companies key pet influencers are recommending to prospective clients. Discover proven ways to ensure they recommend you and not your competition.
  • Guerilla Marketing Strategies Pouring significant financial resources into effective marketing campaigns will usually yield positive results. Unfortunately, even very successful independent pet care facilities can rarely compete with larger, better-funded competition on this level. Luckily there are many other extremely effective, proven, low-cost, grass-root strategies to increase your market share. Learn how to save money while achieving previously unimaginable results.
  • Expert Review and Recommendations for All Promotional Material We will review promotional materials including e-blasts, brochures, fliers, and other important marketing materials. Let our experts help you develop and present a more professional, attractive, and trustworthy image to the world.
  • Proven Strategies to Engage Prospective and Existing Clients Learn how to enhance your presence and reputation in the communities that matter most. Capture and maximize the most impactful opportunities available in your market while avoiding sinking resources into seductive but ineffective alternatives.

What are you waiting for? Act today! Every day lost without your most compelling and cost-effective marketing campaign represents needless wasted resources and potential clients choosing your competition!

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Services can be purchased separately however our Phone Training and Coaching System is required for all clients.
  • Our Owner/Management Summits are only available to clients whom invest in our complete package.
  • Unprecedented, written guarantee is extended to those clients who invest in our complete package and implement our program.