Client Testimonials

What our clients have to say:

clientWalt & Joanne Morris, Morris Animal Inn, Morristown, NJ
phone(973) 539-0377 (ext. 16 Walt or 17 Joanne)
We have been working with Laura Laaman since 2004. Since then she has helped us transform our business in ways we could never imagine. In the first month, the busiest time of the year, with no additional capacity we increased our revenues by 33%. The best part is although we always provided exceptional care, our pets were even happier and healthier.Since working with Laura and her team we have conservatively realized an additional $5,000,000 in additional revenue to date. Any company that works with Laura will understand her commitment to quality pet care and that her proven systems will equal success.
clientSteve Smith, Rover Oaks Pet Resort, Houston & Katy, TX
phone(713) 662-2119
Rover Oaks has been a client of Outstanding Pet Care program for years and couldn't be more pleased with the results! It's nice to see that, thanks to the guidance and support of the OPC team, our revenues and profits can match the level of care we provide!
clientJake Romero, Folsom Dog Resort, Folsom, CA
phone(916) 439-7202
Due to Laura Laaman & Associates' program, we hit our first year projections in a very competitive market. We would recommend their program to any pet care facility looking to increase the health of their pets, happiness of the pet owners and their personal income.
clientHoward Nestell, Elaine's Pet Resort, Fresno & Madera, CA
phone(559) 432-5959
We received double-digit increases within 90 days of beginning the Outstanding Pet Care Program and have been growing ever since!
clientDave & Jana Rossorelli, Action Pack Dog Center, Roundrock, TX
phone512-341-7041 ext 3, (Jana cell) 512-426-1084
We attended a revenue boot camp, loved what we learned and experienced and immediately jumped on board! We committed one hundred percent and now, just 6 months into the program, we are already seeing a 44% overall increase in revenue!! This past February, we experienced over a 60% increase from last February! February!! That had us dancing and doing high kicks, where last February, we just broke even! The break-even days are gone and our business is running smoother, better, stronger. The results have been thrilling! Happy dogs, satisfied customers, and a healthy revenue stream. We can finally lift our heads out of the day-to-day operations and project what the future holds for Action Pack Dog Center. Our small operation runs like a big business--- working smarter, not harder, every single day!! We love the support from the coaches and mostly, we love the increased revenue!Unbelievable! Our October numbers are up 80% over the previous year. Our pet care business no longer has to rely on the holiday months to get us by! Thanks to Laura's support, we have smart strategies in place to build our revenue year round. I never thought I would see the day when October revenue would look like summertime revenue.
clientGrant Garl, Fit N Furry, Petaluma, CA
phone(707) 769-PETS
Fit 'N' Furry became a client of their Outstanding Pet Care Program seven months ago. As a new full service pet care facility and subject to the poor economic times we were on the verge of failure—teetering on the edge. With their proven results they didn't just tell us but coached us into prosperity; our revenues are up 40% over the same months of last year. We are proud to be involved with a group of pet professionals that include some of the leading pet care facilities in the world! My wife, Marci, and I are absolutely delighted to recommend Laura Laaman & Associates.
clientHailey Seidel, Bow Dog Canine Specialists, Calgary AB
phone(403) 452-6996 x223
Hiring Laura and the OPC team was a pivotal defining moment for our business. In our first year with OPC, we increased $330,000 over our previous year. She was instrumental in helping us transition from an all-inclusive lodging model where our revenue per pet per night was capped, to a more progressive and profitable model where the sky is the limit. We like to call her our revenue rainmaker
clientPatti Lehman, Bass Pet Motel, Orlando, FL
phone(407) 396-6031
My company's revenues went up 84% in a recession thanks to Laura Laaman & Associates' program. I would recommend her program to any pet care facility interested in increasing their revenues! I would encourage anyone that wants to increase their revenue to Laura Laaman as she is the leader when it comes to increasing sales, professionalism, productivity, motivation and a positive attitude. I would love to tell anyone my story of the results I have encountered using Laura Laaman and her fantastic staff.
clientDr. Laura Weis, Holiday House Pet Resort and Doylestown Veterinary Hospital, Doylestown, PA
phone(215) 345-6000
Laura Laaman turned our shoppers into our best customers and turned the phone into a Revenue Generating Machine.
clientDr. Mike Bassett, Pet Dominion, Rockville, MD
phone(301) 258-0333
I am amazed that in this weak economy we have managed to grow our revenues by focusing on the weaker part of our business (pet lodging), with the help of Laura Laaman and Outstanding Pet Care team! Beginning with a dedicated trained phone person (reservation specialist) and set marketing and PR protocols we have had a lot of fun implementing a more profitable approach to our lodging business. The end result has been happier, healthy pets, a more productive staff and satisfied clients. Our veterinary business has also benefited from many of the things that we have done in lodging. I have come to realize that we will make much greater strides by having a phone specialist for the hospital as well. I am very excited to have Laura Laaman's support to achieve this goal.
clientCarroll Ray, Meadowlake Pet Resort, Houston, TX
phone(713) 614-8332
I am Carroll Ray. I am owner and President of Meadowlake Pet Resort in Houston, Texas. I have had amazing success working with the Laura Laaman and the Outstanding Pet Care team. I joined OPC before my resort had opened. Laura and her team helped me organize my sales staff and develop appropriate pricing strategies for my market. Her sales techniques are professional and positive. She has been available to us to discuss revenue opportunities and client relationship issues as needed. Of course, Laura has always respected our priority to provide the outstanding care and service our guests expect and deserve. The success shows in the revenues. My resort opened in the middle of a heavy downturn in the market. However, our growth has been tremendous. Our gross revenue proceeds increased more than 30% every year for three years running. As we approach the maximum in revenue potential with our current service, Laura and her team are helping us develop new services to further maximize our results. I highly recommend Laura Laaman and her OPC team to anyone who wants to develop a successful model of a pet care facility.
Ankeny Bark Avenue
clientSydney Sjaardema, Ankeny Bark Avenue, Ankeny, IA
phone(515) 964-9898
I remain so grateful for you and your team. Looking back just the few short years we've been with OPC and the amount of growth in our company brings me to tears. I’m not just talking about revenue growth, but growth in myself, my sister, and my staff. I now have an entire team of people working to make my goals and dreams a reality, and truly making the pet industry great. We would never have been able to accomplish these things without you, your team. You truly have changed our lives. We still have a ton to learn and improve but you guys always keep us on the right path. Again, thanks for being great.
Joyful Paws
clientShawnte Marquez, Joyful Paws Pet Hotel & Daycare, Long Beach, CA
phone(562) 435-7297
Laura Laaman and her associates have given me the support and direction I so desperately needed. In one year my business revenues grew 33%! I couldn’t be happier with Laura and her associates and wholeheartedly recommend OPC to anyone ready to take their business to the next level.